Our Solutions

Digital HealthCare

A Unified Digital Infrastructure is a synergy of ELV systems, ICT systems and hospital automation systems that will enable lower TCO, simplified manageability and enhanced performance/ efficiencies within the hospital.

While creating such a unified digital infrastructure, multiple systems ride on a single IP infrastructure. Each of these systems has their own characteristics which create different kind of demand on the underlying IP network and FlamencoTech has the domain knowledge and fore-sight to create appropriate architecture, solution, use of right products and optimized provisioning.

To maximize efficiency, increased patient safety and superior customer experience, FlamencoTech advocates unification at 3 layers as illustrated below:

  • Unified Physical Layer: Medical Grade Connectivity to support HIMS, EMR, PACS, Communication, Kiosks, Surveillance, Patient interactivity and adaptive rooms
  • Unified Enablement Layer: Systems that support diagnostics, hospital management and patient care including HMIS, EMR, PACS, Bed Side Health Monitors, BMS, EMS, Tracking Solutions (patient, Visitor, Parking, Asset, Lab), Operation Theatre Air Quality, Nursing Station etc.
  • Unified Service Layer: Interface layer for doctors, nurses, hospital administrators and patients including Hospital Portal, Self-service Kiosks, Tablets, Bed side Monitors and Unified Command Center.

Digital Blanket

Integrated Digital Dashboard (Digital Blanket) is the unification of the digital infrastructure at the service layer. The dashboard is used for convergence, monitoring, managing and reporting various systems within the hospital premises viz. ICT Systems, Facility Systems, Hospital Systems, Medical Systems.