Our Approach

50% digital initiatives never meet stated objectives in the first attempt. The key reasons are

  • Weak Planning / Foresight
  • Improper assessment of needs
  • Poor architecture
  • Wrong choice of technology
  • Lack of Unified view of services
  • Lack of focus on Usability
  • Multiple Owners

In order to ensure 100% fulfilment of the stated objectives, at FlamencoTech our approach always starts from customer end. We firmly believe in co-creating technology solutions with our customers.

Our engagement starts with the end in mind

  • Understand customer pain areas/objectives
  • Define use cases (outcomes) to remove any ambiguity in real-life scenario
  • Plan & design the technology, the integration and the synergy layer
  • Plan and design the physical layer
  • Implement the physical layer first then the enablement layer and then the service layer.
  • Ensure service outcomes