FlamencoTech Solutions in BFSI segment


In the current challenging economic environment, like every enterprise, BFSI segment is looking for optimizing costs, improving productivity to remain competitive as well as expanding footprint and enhancing customer satisfaction for growth. Security (physical as well as cyber) is a critical focus area for every BFSI player in the advent of recurring attacks/attempts and credibility issues arising out of those. FlamencoTech team has put together following solutions that we believe are relevant for BFSI segment in India.

Intelligent ABC (ATM-Branch-Corporate Office)

The branch and ATM remain very important customer touch points in BFSI segment. It is important to build automation that will improve customer satisfaction while giving better control over its management, reducing costs. FlamencoTech has the following solutions to offer in this area.

Intelligent Branch & ATM

  • Integrated monitoring and management of various assets in a branch or ATM (viz. network, desktop, UPS, access controls, surveillance, alarms, lighting etc.)
  • Centralized Q-management for bank branches with analytics for improved customer satisfaction
  • Touch screen Kiosk solution for interactive response between customer and the corporation to connect with the subject matter experts in resolving queries, sales support and cross/up selling.
  • Provide relevant marketing content, news, information to customers waiting in branch locations

Intelligent Corporate Office

  • Audio Visual consulting, program management and integration for board rooms, training rooms and important office areas
  • Integrated solutions for Visitor Management, Library Management, Parking Management & Fleet Tracking with an Unified Dashboard
  • Digital signs for training to improve sales productivity and extend the reach of corporate communications

Intelligent Data Center

  • Asset Tracking & Management of critical servers, routers as well as other equipment
  • Monitoring UPS, PACs, Temperature and Humidity for 100% uptime of datacenters

Information Security & Forensics Analysis

In the hyper connected world of today, information security is of paramount importance especially in BFSI segment which deals with money matters. FlamencoTech offers the following solutions and consulting/services offers in this area.

  • Enterprise Security Architecture Setup
  • Information Security Governance Model Setup and Management
  • End to end consulting and management of various aspects of information security such as end points, network, servers, databases etc.
  • IPv6 Readiness assessment and consulting
  • Forensics analysis post incident/attack and related system/process strengthening
  • Information Security Audits, Assistance in Standards Compliance (PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, ITIL, IEEE 942 etc.)

Changing Workplaces

The workplace of today is very different from the past. As per one survey, 66% users work from location other than the manager, creating a need for stronger collaboration. With the advent of smartphones (will account for 61% of internet traffic by 2016), the way employees communicate, collaborate, engage within enterprise and with customers is going through a sea change. Keeping in mind these trends, FlamencoTech has the following offers in this area

Enterprise Mobility

  • Voice, Video and collaboration access from anywhere using device of employee choice
  • Enterprise mobility by enabling enterprise applications for Mobile access
  • Secure access from personal mobile devices to corporate network and information resources

Enterprise Collaboration

  • Setup, Audit and Consult around Enterprise IP Next Generation network for delivering all kinds of media (voice, video, data)
  • IP Telephony and Unified Communications for specific needs at corporate and branch offices
  • Enterprise collaboration platform for knowledge workforce integrating social, mobile, visual and virtual segments
  • Enterprise Social Networks

Consulting-Audit-Optimization services

FlamencoTech, with its pedigree of network solutions and consulting offers variety of services in the area of optimization and audits.

  • ATM bandwidth optimization services
  • Data Center Consulting and Optimization Services
  • Green-IT Consulting resources
kinds of media (voice, video, data) and virtual segments