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Contract Workforce Management

Contract workforce is a critical entity in any organization’s success as it provides flexibility and operational efficiency, while keeping firm focus on its core competencies. The management of contract workforce becomes critical in order to take care of security issues, fulfilling compliance norms, effective scheduling and tracking.

The Contract Workforce Management from FlamencoTech provides effective and efficient manpower planning, control, authentication, tracking and compliance

The benefits of the solution are

  • Helps provide digital identity to contract workforce, helping effective tracking
  • The solution helps eliminating proxy attendance, multiple attendance, double billing
  • The solution helps meeting compliance norms such as minimum wages, employee insurance, employee provident
  • The solution can be deployed at one office or across various locations
  • The solution helps with black-listing of erring employees across locations
  • The shift scheduling, contract amendment, notifications modules are in built for effective deployment
  • The solution provides out of the box, custom reports and also allows one to configure email/SMS based alerts and fund etc. notifications