Consultancy Services

Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)

The choice of HMIS is based on several factors like functionality, SOP Fitment, scalability, actual performance under load, depth of functionality, cross integrated modules for synergist use, ease of use, integration / customization need and costs and finally overall TCO. No two hospitals and their respective processes are the same, the maturity for adoption of HMIS are also subjective and hence need different attention and the right solution. The scope of HMIS Consultancy Scope includes:

  • Evaluate needs of Hospital
  • Evaluate the needs and the SOP
  • Selecting the right HMIS and the needed modules
  • Compare software SRS and the required modules
  • Evaluate the depth of the solution
  • Finalize the templates based on discussions with the doctors and other staff

The approach towards the consultancy engagement is illustrated below:

Activities performed during the consultancy phase:

  • Make a list of Functional aspects (SOP areas) required for Hospital (MCI + NABH or JCI as basis)
  • Make a list of essential software areas for each of above
  • Study the SoP’s from the hospital
  • Augment the requirement at a module level and make a list of modules
  • Define screening criteria for this specific requirement based on challenges
  • Subjective and Objective score card for Evaluation
  • Seek multiple demos for clarity of functional areas and SOP fitment. Several discussions on specific areas
  • Detailed evaluation and seek commercial proposal
  • Complete evaluation and recommendations