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Intelligent Buildings : Intelligent Building Automation

Intelligent building infrastructure is the synergy of IT, facilities and automation for a smart, secure and energy efficient environment for an enterprise. It is about integrating diverse systems to make our work and personal life smarter.

Information Technology (IT), Safety and Security, Building Management and Automation, Audio-Visual and other systems for infrastructure facilities are designed and built independently. These systems are designed, deployed and are managed by different sets of teams that seldom collaborate with each other leaving these systems to work in silos with very little or no possibility for integration with each other. While each of these systems might be capable of delivering certain value to the tenants of the facility, a fully integrated system offers greater value in terms of usage, efficiency and cost reduction

FlamencoTech has evolved a three layer unified architecture for intelligent building infrastructure that enables a unified service layer across all these components.

Normally, unification happens at two layers:

  • The physical layer with all systems riding on the structured cabling system.
  • The enablement layer where diverse systems offer Internet protocol (IP) interfaces.

However, unification of the service layer is ignored or neglected. It is important to have unification at all the three layers to achieve the objective of deploying an intelligent building infrastructure.

Benefits of IBA

  • Ease of monitoring and management across various building components (Facilities, IT, Automation)
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Simplified hence Improved end-user usage of the infrastructure services
  • Leverage your investments with optimal efficiency
  • Higher Energy Efficiency
  • Improved safety and security