Manufacturing is a crucial segment for any economy, more so in India where it is largely driven by low-cost, skilled labor, adequate land laws and reasonable cost of capital. McKinsey and Co believes that India's manufacturing sector has the potential to create up to 90 million jobs by 2025. Today, the sector generates about 45 million jobs, 80 per cent of which are in the un-organised segment

India is increasingly adopting global approach to become a strategic player on international platform. Entry of foreign companies in manufacturing industry has anchored technology-based orientation which is subsequently helping India create a core and contemporary manufacturing sector, fed by ancillary manufacturers that rely on simple technical skills.

Deloitte’s global index, 2013, for 38 nations, has ranked India the fourth most competitive manufacturing nation, behind China, the US and Germany. Not only this, but even the Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, 2013, based on a survey of CEOs, executives and other officials of 550 global manufacturing companies, has positioned India as second five years down the line, next only to China.

Manufacturing enterprise typically consists of Plants, Warehouses, Branches, Regional Offices, R&D Centers, Consignment Agents and dealer/distributor network.

In the current economic environment, Indian manufacturers are trying to innovate with their products, processes and services. One sees a trend of manufacturing companies adopting technology aggressively as an enabler for innovation, achieving operational efficiency, cutting costs and ensuring compliance.

We at FlamencoTech are at forefront of providing solutions to business problems faced by manufacturing industry using technology lever. Whether it is in terms of ensuring safety and security for plant, optimizing costs by deploying energy management solutions, effective workforce management and having complete operational control from device of choice.

Key solutions from FlamencoTech in Manufacturing vertical include

  • Workforce Management Solution for Employees and Contract Labor with additional package for Visitor Management. This solution provides effective and efficient manpower planning, control, authentication, tracking and compliance.

  • Intelligent Building Automation Solution for Plants, Corporate Offices ensures significant energy savings,, better operational control and proactive event/disaster management