Customized Enablement Services

Network Infrastructure Workshop

This workshop is intended for the IT engineers supporting Client’s Network on- site or Remote.

The Level I module:

  • Introduction to Computer Networks, Basics of TCP/IP and IP Addressing and subnetting, VLASM and Route Summary
  • Switching Technology: Network Topologies, STP and RPST , Ether channel, Hierarchical LAN Design, Basic Switch Configuration.
  • VLAN, VTP and Inter VLAN Configuration using a Router.
  • Routing Technology: Routing Protocols – Configuration of Static, RIP, RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF.
  • Access Control List, Wide Area Networks, Wireless LAN.
  • Introduction to IPv6.

Level II module:

  • Switching: Modular LAN Architecture, L3/L4 Switches, Content Switch, Configuration of Inter VLAN Routing with L3 switch, Fast Switching, CEF, dCEF, & 6500 Switch architecture, First hop redundancy - HSRP/GLBP
  • Routing: Overview on Network Time Protocol(NTP), EIGRP, OSPF Multiarea, IGP Redistribution, Internal and External BGP, BGP Path control
  • Basics of Optical Networks
    • Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy(PDH)
    • Synchronous digital hierarchy(SDH), SONET & DWDM
    Data Centre:
    • Basic DC network architecture
    • Load Balancer and server farm
    • Types of DC Storage networks
  • Voice: Overview on QOS, Basics of VOIP and configuration, Voice compression, IP Telephony and different architectures
  • Security: Securing access to Routers and Switches with AAA
  • 802.1x Port Authentication, Basic Security Policy, Types of Firewall – Packet Filter, Proxy and Stateful Inspection, Introduction to PIX and ASA Firewall, IP VPN – Site to site and Client VPN