Professional Services

Technical Program Management Service

An extension of the consultancy service is Technical Program Management. FlamencoTech preaches and practices the theme “Ownership of Outcomes”. To ensure that the outcomes meet the desired objectives, FlamencoTech goes extends the consultancy service and offers Technical Project Management service which incorporates the following:

  • Supervision of installation by the integrator as per desired objectives
  • Periodic checks and balances
  • Testing of configuration of various components as per solution requirements
  • Exception handling of issues or challenges and timely resolution by involving the stakeholders
  • Effective handling of User Acceptance Test (UAT)
  • Preparation of UAT strategy and plan
  • Supervise the UAT testing
  • Devise the standard operating procedures
  • Project-sign off

Comprehensive services of consultancy and technical program management from FlamencoTech follows the well-defined EVOLVE methodology. The tightly knit process guarantees that the outcomes are comprehensively owned and the desired objectives are met holistically.