Consultancy Services

Unified Digital Infrastructure

All the systems in your organization are riding the digital wave. Initially developed for communication between computers, IP has evolved over a period of time for communication across diverse systems, thus enabling collaboration among systems for faster & informed decision making. Remote monitoring/ management of the inter-connected systems help quicker resolution to equipment failures and significantly reduce down-time. The IP infrastructure has thus become the heart-line of an organization; carrying traffic from diverse systems and must be adapting to these conditions in real-time. These systems having their own characteristics, are putting a huge demand on the underlying IP infrastructure. The true power of a unified digital infrastructure comes in taking a holistic approach – combining what were once disparate systems into a unified platform that offers operational efficiencies for organizations and enriched user-experience for their occupants. Several person-years of cumulative experience in the digital infrastructure domain elevates our consultancy service to a different league altogether.

The consultancy provides designing and architecting services for digital infrastructure to your business needs. With a vendor neutral approach, our consultants will help determine the most appropriate solution for your business with right-provisioning measures. Without overwhelming the end-users with technology, we keep the solution simple to use, which essentially increases the adoption rate in your organization. The team is also well versed with various commercial models to ensure that the solution does not burn a hole in your pocket in the long run. Expertise in digital infrastructure technologies and operational best practices help you improve operational efficiencies.

The consultancy services for Unified Digital Infrastructure (UDI) include following broad areas:

  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Systems
  • Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Systems
  • Audio-Visual/ Collaboration (AVC) Systems
  • Intelligent Building Automation (IBA) Systems

The scope covered under consultancy services are:

  • Requirements Understanding, Capture and Analysis
  • Preparation of systems specifications and budget allocation
  • Preparation of tender documents: system description, specifications, bill of quantities and tender drawings
  • Prequalification of bidders for participation in the tender
  • Participation in pre-bid meetings and provide clarifications
  • Evaluation of responses from eligible bidders
  • Assist customer on commercial negotiation with technically qualified bidders
  • On-boarding of the selected bidder